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Upper School

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Positive Day School was created to provide an individualized education with quality blended learning that meets the distinct requirements of each student. Our digital curriculum is suitable for numerous types of educational scenarios, and we provide students with academic assistance while also building a solid educational base for primary through secondary students.


After three years of attendance at PDS, students experienced a 21% boost in reading scores, while those attending for two years saw an improvement of 14% in Math scores.

Schoolwide 21st Century Learning Outcomes

1. Self-directed learners who:

Produce quality work

Organize and manage time efficiently

Learn and apply goal setting strategies that support educational and career goals

Assume responsibility and ownership for their life-long learning


2. Critical thinkers who:

Exhibit in-depth knowledge across disciplines

Synthesize multiple sources of information

Solve problems independently and collaboratively

Reflect on and analyze learning experience


3. Effective communicators who:

Demonstrate competency in reading, writing, speaking, and active listening.

Utilize technology to complement their knowledge

Express ideas and information confidently and creatively

Develop positive and contributing interpersonal skills


4. Responsible citizens who:

Demonstrate personal integrity and responsibility for decisions and actions

Recognize and understand current local and global issues

Develop respect for diverse cultures

Contribute as leaders within their community

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