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Elementary & Middle & High School Information

Positive Attitude Day School features an Elementary and Middle school curriculum serving students from K-4th and 5th-8th. Our program staff is North Carolina certified instructors and follows the NC Course of Study. 

Opportunity scholarships are available to families interested in enrolling their children in a unique educational setting. If you have any questions, please direct them to  Ms. Eunice Richmond.

School Bus & Children
Image by Matt Ragland


Positive Day School is a private non-traditional educational program for grades 1st-12th. We offer a learning environment that is conducive to developing the unique intellectual, social, physical, and emotional potential of each child. Positive Day school is responsive to the learning styles of every child because we believe all children learn and process differently. High expectations are fundamental to peak performance.

We are committed to developing life-long learners who can compete in a global setting. 

Positive Day School utilizes materials, resources, and assessments from the New York Engage Curriculum. which is aligned  with the Common Core Curriculum/ Standards of the public school system.

Unique Learning Experiences

Mandated Community Service Projects

Hands-on Special Activities 

Specialized Field Trips

Cultural Arts Learning & Specials

Positive Day School Has:

98% promotion rate

28% of students received quarterly honor recognitions

75% of students attained an A, A&B or B honor roll throughout the academic calendar year

100% volunteer enrollment 

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